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Winner, Winner…

I’ve mentioned Crappy Christmas before. The original intent was to make everyone laugh by purchasing (or making) the absolute worst item possible. The limit was $1. The participants were my brother, sister-in-law, sister, brother-in-law, hubby, and moi. The first year, I gave Jason a delightful toilet seat cover like our Grammy used to have. NothingContinue reading “Winner, Winner…”

M’ Hair, M’Hair!

My darling husband and I have established marital bliss by recognizing that we RARELY agree about anything, so we gently touch index fingers to indicate that we are agreeing to disagree (but let’s be real, I’M right). This physical interaction has saved us the trouble of having a knock down drag out fight over somethingContinue reading “M’ Hair, M’Hair!”

Good Girl

As I previously mentioned (ranted about), my dad was a “let’s drive through without stopping until we get to our destination” vacationer. We were a stereotypical 70’s family: my mom was a homemaker, and my dad was a manager at Firestone (this is before the golf course was built). This meant that we made enoughContinue reading “Good Girl”

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